Robert A. Haller Vita & Selected Publications (2015)

Born in Pittsburgh, 6 July 1942
Marriage to Amy Greenfield, 1980

1965 B.A., History, University of Notre Dame
1966 M.A., International Relations, Notre Dame
1963-66 Film Critic, Scholastic periodical, Notre Dame

Employment History
  1966-67 Director of Public Relations, Alliance State College, PA
  1967-69 Director of Publications, Bloomsburg State College, PA
  1969-73 Assistant Editor, Journal of Economic Literature, Univ. of Pittsburgh
  1973-79 Executive Director, Pittsburgh Film-Makers Inc.
  1980-84 Executive Director, Anthology Film Archives
  1985-90 Grants Officer/Film Curator, Staten Island Institute of Arts/Sciences
  1988-90 Board Consultant, then Director, Film-Makers Cooperative
  1990-95 Director, Anthology Film Archives
  1996- Director of Collections, Special Projects/Library, Anthology Film Arch.

Public Policy
  1977-79 Panelist, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
  1981 Panelist, National Endowment for the Arts
  1978-82 Chair, National Alliance of Media Arts Centers
  1984-88 Secretary/Treasurer, National Alliance of Media Arts Centers

Selected Special Projects
  1965-85 Contributing Editor, Film Heritage
  1975 Fritz Lang retrospective, Pittsburgh Film-Makers
  1976 Producer of Erogeny by James Broughton
  1977-85 Publisher/Editor, Field of Vision
  1978 Called & Led formation of National Alliance of Media Arts Centers
  1979 Obtained NEA Challenge Grant for Pittsburgh Film-Makers Inc.
  1981 Research Grant from NEA
  1983 Organized Video Preservation Project for Anthology with Robert. Harris
  1987 D.W. Griffith series with Jay Leyda at Staten Island Inst. Of Arts/Sciences
  1988 “Motion Pictures: Muybridge, Edgerton, Rose, Blondeau, Frampton/Faller”
            gallery show at Staten Island Institute of Arts/Sciences
  1989 “Michelangelo Antonioni: The Enchanted Mountains” traveling gallery show
           begun at the Staten Island Institute of Arts/Sciences
  1989 Pennsylvania Council on Arts grant for a history of avant-garde film in
           Pittsburgh; became the 2005 book Crossroads
  1989 Tour Director, Glasnost Film Festival, 17 cities, March-June
  1992-97 Bimonthly column on cinema in Japanese language OCS News
  1993 Discussion with Ingrid Rossellini & J. Carlson on General Della Roovere on
           CUNY television
  1995 Organized the premiere screening of the complete 42 hour Book of All the
          Dead by Bruce Elder
  1996 Organized Louis Feuillade series of Fantomas, Judex, and Les Vampires with
          English translations
  1998 Complete retrospective of Michelangelo Antonioni
  1998 Nearly complete retrospective, with US premieres, of Hans Jurgen Syberberg
  1998 First Light multi-program series, with catalog
  2000 Fritz Lang retrospective at Anthology with the American Museum of Moving
          Image, with catalog Fritz Lang 2000
  2000-01 Interview with Omer Kavur in Istanbul, then film series with catalog
  2000 “Oskar’s Hand” in catalog of Iota Tribute to Oskar Fischinger
  2001 Administrative sponsor of Unseen Cinema traveling exhibition of 150 films
  2001 Lecture on Jim Davis in Amsterdam at Sonic Light Conference
  2001 Lecture/Screenings on Jim Davis in Riga, Latvia and at Louvre, Paris
  2001 Photographed megalith field at Stanton Drew, UK
  2002 Organized Galaxy series, with catalog, for shows at Anthology & Paris
  2003 Researched, organized Zeki Demirkubuz film series with catalog, Anthology
  2004 Joseph Cornell films/lectures at Barcelona and with Jonas Mekas in Munich
  2005 Crossroads screenings, with catalog, in Pittsburgh and at Anthology
  2006 Awarded Bish Prize by Bruce Baillie
  2006 Writes program notes for two Kenneth Anger DVDs
  2006 Writes program notes for three Jim Davis DVDs
  2007 Lectures on Joseph Cornell at Peabody Essex Museum, Salem; on Antonioni at
          Anthology for Technically Sweet international project; on Kenneth Anger at the
          Filmmuseum in Brussels
   2007 Curator/speaker on Film-Dance at Lincoln Center
   2007 Essay on Greenfield and photographs in Women’s Experimental Cinema:
           Critical Frameworks by Robin Blaetz
  2007 Photographer/journalst at opening of Jonas Mekas Center for the Visual Arts
         in Vilnius, Lithuania
  2009 Panelist at “The New Paragone” conference in Toronto
  2009 Panelist and exhibiting photographer, 35th Anniversary of Media Study Buffalo
  2010 Lecture in Rome, “Cinema, Time, Energy”
  2012 Photography Exhibit, “15 Portraits From Avant-Garde, “ Albright-Knox, Buffalo
  2013 Photography Exhibit: “Nudes and Standing Stones,” Archaeological Museum of
        Macedonia, Greece
  1992-2011 Organized annual “Film Preservation Honors” of Anthology

Selected Films Preserved under Haller Initiative at Anthology
Bruce Baillie (1); Stan Brakhage (53); Jim Davis (19); Maya Deren (1); Ed Emshwiller (4) ;
          Amy Greenfield (4); Hilary Harris (4); Lawrence Jordan (21); Ralph Steiner (5)

Selected Publications
Kenneth Anger (monograph, 1980) reprinted in Italian in 1986
Brakhage Scrapbook: Collected Writings 1964-80 (as editor, 1980)
Jim Davis: The Flow of Energy (as editor, 1992)
Intersecting Images: Ed Emshwiller (as editor, 1997)
Jim Davis’ Notes on John Marin and Frank Lloyd Wright (as editor, 1997)
First Light (Abstract Light Forms) (as editor, 1998)
Hollis Frampton: A Resource Guide; Bibliography and Filmography. With Michael
   Zryd. Toronto International Experimental Film Congress, 1989
Fritz Lang 2000 (as editor, 2000)
Omer Kavur: Sculptor of Cinematic Time (2001)
Galaxy (English-French, 2002)
Zeki Dermirkubuz (2003)
Crossroads: Avant-garde Film in Pittsburgh in the 1970s (2005)
Perspectives on Jerome Hill and Anthology Film Archives (2005)
“Commentaries on Hollis Frampton” in the EXIS catalog for the Experimental Film
    and Video Festival in Seoul (2005)
Art in Cinema, Documents Toward a History of the Film Society (with Scott
    McDonald, co-editors; 2006)
“The Futurist Impulse After Futurism,” Performa—09, Back to Futurism. (Performa
   Publications, 2011)
Forty Years of Anthology Film Archives: 2011 Anniversary and Film Preservation
   Honors (as editor, 2011)
Flesh Into Light: The Films of Amy Greenfield (2012)
Dancing With Light: The Films of Jim Davis (2013)
Across Time: Nudes and Standing Stones (photographs, in English and Greek, 2013)
Forty Photographs From Avant-Garde Film (Re-Voir, Paris, 2014)

Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant-Garde Film. Bruce Posner, Curator; Haller as
   administrator, 2005
Jim Davis: Visible Energy (2007, six films)
Jim Davis: Silent Light (2007, six films)
Jim Davis: Horizons of Light (2007, six films)
Jim Davis: Exotic Dances (2015, six films, coming)