Len Lye (l90l-80)

Filmography (partial)

Tusalava (l929), 9 minutes

Colour Box (l935), 4 minutes

Rainbow Dance (l936), 5 minutes

Trade Tattoo (l937), 5 minutes

Color Cry (l952), 3 minutes

Rhythm (l957), l minute

Free Radicals (first version, l958), 5 minutes

Peace (l959), l minute

Free Radicals (revised version, l979), 4 minutes

Particles in Space (l979), 4 minutes

Tal Farlow (l980), 2 minutes

Lye on film in l959:

Experimental film is basic to the development of screen treatment as application of basic research in technology. The sciences discover the factual truth of matter, while the arts reveal the emotional truths of life. The role of fine art sponsorship once [the] prerogative of the Church and aristocracy, is being assumed by leaders of industry. In oversight, our film and television industries fail to sponsor the experimental film. But big industry is now involved in show business. In the end, vital screen presentation techniques are essential for both their product, and the entertainment that first attracts and holds attention....

As an experimental film-maker I have gone on strike. I will not make another fine art film until an institution will sponsor me to make one. I will no more chase after sponsorship for fine art films as I did when NBC, CBS, Dupont, Kodak, Bell & Howell, the American Motion Picture Academy, and many other institutions, refused to sponsor the production of my entry in the Brussels World’s Fair International Experimental Competition in l958. In spite of eventually financing the film and winning [a] $5000 cash prize, I am still in debt over it.